Dropbox Talent: Sticky Note

11 April 2013

Aniket Dabholkar a.k.a Sticky Note is a game designer and music maker in his free time.

"I'd say I'm quite the loner. Am a bit of a looney character too - I guess all creative people have their perks. I wouldn't say I'm anti social, but I guess I was always different from the rest of the crop. Being bullied as a youth, helped too. It made me turn to music, initially as a form of escapism that gradually became a passion."

With influences ranging from Flying Lotus and Four Tet right though to Toro Y Moi, Sufjan Stevens and even Sulk Station, Dabholkar has a varied taste in music, one that he's not afraid to experiment in, within his production.

"I wouldn't say I limit myself to any particular style. The music should decide its style and that's the way it should be. I use Ableton Live, a Shure SM58 Mic and an Akai MPK Mini controller for now. I do a lot of digital sampling with a focus on audio manipulation. There's a lot of trial and error involved in the process and being a fierce critic of my own self, many a time, many a track won't get the final thumbs up from me."

Hoping to release an album later this year, we're certain this young producer will make a mark in the ever evolving indie circuit in India. With collaborations planned with Mumbai based vocalist, Kanchan Daniel and Kinshuk Sunil (co-founder of Hashstash Studios, Member of Ctrl Alt Delhi), it's not going to be a 100% solo project either.

A heady mix of sampled cymbals, guitars and percussion mixed with electronic squiggles and choppy breaks, we liked what we heard. You can hear a couple of tracks from this producer below:

Your Dress Tastes Like Pistachio




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