Enjoy Delhi For Less: 2 Membership Cards Launched

5 April 2013

Over the last week, not one but two discount cards have launched in Delhi offering subscribers the opportunity to enjoy the city for a little less.

Little Black Book Delhi have just launched a membership card that comes with its very own little black book. Delhi’s online guide to the alternative side of the smoke have spent months badgering their way around the city to find an eclectic range of shops, cafes, restaurants and bespoke services. With over 50 places offering various discounts (as well as little extras like free coffee and cake), this card is brimming with love from its curators.

Priced at Rs 500 per month (cheaper if you purchase 6) venues and bars included are: blueFROG, Café Ziro, PCO, Shroom and TLR.
Little Black Book Membership Card


Bombay “secret scouters of cool” brown paper bag launched their online Delhi guide a year ago with the purpose of separating the good from the bad, creating a comprehensive weekend guide which conveniently lands in your inbox every Friday. Their Coup Card is food focussed and offers a straight up 15% off food and booze across 30 outlets for Rs 200 per month. Nautre's Basket is also included within this.

Venues include blueFROG, TLR and Shroom as well as a BPB secret spot.
Coup Card



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