Watch: New Mode7 Fan Video

4 April 2013

It's a good month for makers of the top 10 producers to watch out for in 2013. They seem to be fleshing out their aural anecdotes with video accompaniment, though not always out out of their own accord.

A Mode7 aficionado, Babblefish editor Sourya Sen, has created a stellar fan video for ‘Fine Art Thief,’ a single off the artist's debut EP, ‘All in Faded Days.’ It’s in keeping with the geometric 3D trend that many visual artists these days seem to be adhering to.

Here’s the duo’s individual takes on the video.

Mode7: "I think the video is amazing. It's exactly in the direction of the kind of visuals that I would want my music to catalyze. It's just so flattering to have someone make a "fan video" of your music. It's an amazing feeling to know that your music has inspired someone to do such a great piece of visual work and I'm really thrilled about this. Plus it's always interesting to see how the people listening to your music are interpreting your work."

Sourya Sen: "It's quite flattering how the response of the video is proving to be!

It really just started off with some basic experiments in 3D when I wanted to apply the techniques I was working on into a real project. I'd heard the Mode7 EP a little while back and went back to it among other new Indian electronic acts looking for an ideal track. Originally I took the 'Fine Art Thief ' title quite literally and was thinking about blank art canvasses and visualisations happening on them. However, what remains of that idea are some transitioning empty frames (with respect to art canvasses) in the middle as the visuals started looking good on their own accord. Mode7 became the choice as it was minimalistic yet engaging enough (as I didn't want to work on too many elements for this particular project). It was supposed to be just a weekend experiment and ultimately took around a week. And throughout this, Mode7, or Raffael as I learnt his name later, didn't have a clue. I was a little apprehensive about how he'll respond and specially to the fact that I had edited his song down to a two minute version. Ultimately though, it seems to have worked out quite well."

You can watch Sen’s video for ‘Fine Art Thief’ below:

Mode7 - Fine Art Thief (Fan Video) from Sourya Sen on Vimeo.



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