SubPac: The Next Generation Of Bass (At Home)

3 April 2013

Recently launched, SubPac have just announced what they're calling ‘tactile audio technology’ allowing listeners to experience 'the club', either on the move or in the comfort of their own home.

Through a backpack system, the SubPac directly (and quietly) channels bass frequencies (ranging from 5-130Hz) through your body, allowing you to literally "feel the music".

"The SubPac does not separate the audio signal into lows vs. mids/highs like a traditional sub-woofer crossover. It transfers low frequencies to the body while maintaining the original signal to your headphones/external speaker system. In addition the SubPac does not utilise artificial bass enhancement effects; rather, it delivers a flat, true signal to the user." - SubPac

Now, usually we try not to pay too much attention to products like this, yet when producers, DJ's and radio jockeys such as Mala, Pinch, Kode9 and Giles Peterson are happily endorsing the product, it's worth taking note. Just wish we could try one.

For more details and ordering information watch the video below and check the SubPac website here



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