Bangalore Gig Preview: PINKNOISE - An Immersive Experience

30 March 2013

In the final stages of mixing their forthcoming LP, 'The Dance Of The Diaspora', Kolkata based PINKNOISE will be playing a very special show at Bangalore's CounterCulture tonight. And it's not your average gig.

With a single and video due out for release on Monday the band hope to incorporate a few exciting bonuses to the show:

// A timeline of PINKNOISE music: From the band's origins, through various sets, culminating with the creation of a new song on stage. The band will be seen sharing instruments and showcasing various approaches - "acoustic, electric, electronic, sparse, dense, raw, processed. The trio will also screen the video and perform the single due for release next week.

// The listening booth: PINKNOISE will create a DIY isolation booth with a mixer and a pair of headphones. A submix of the band will be sent to the mixer, allowing the user of the booth to create his or her own mix. "A secret track" will also be sent to this submix, which changes throughout the set. Every listener at the booth will therefore get a unique, private listening experience.

// PN Lab: Musicians will be invited to come on stage at various points in the show to help deconstruct the music, in an "attempt at making the band a sort of modular synthesiser - everyone interconnected and manipulating each other on stage. Without getting in the way of the story, of course."

// An intimate visual show - "candles, lanterns, lamps, flash lights, torches, mirrors, darkness, screens. The band will control the visual show from stage, manually."

Not to mention the fact that the whole gig will be filmed and be released in separate episodes as a pre-release for the album.

Phew, now no excuses Bangalore.


Pink Noise


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