Watch: Final Trailer For Virtuoso

25 March 2013

We’ve been following Lights On Films for a while now, a production company that has been documenting the music and alternative cultural scene in India for just over a year.

Back in January they released the first in a series of 4 trailers for a new project called ‘Virtuoso’ that explores a variety of disciplines that fall under the contemporary Indian art umbrella including design, music, bboying, photography and filmmaking. The documentary sets out to explore how difficult or easy it is for young people to follow their passions in a country like India where creative sectors are emerging and art is still not widely accepted as a full time profession.

The final trailer for Virtuoso focuses on the Reggae Rajahs, an act that have been working hard over the last four years, touring India (and Europe last year), hosting international artists and championing roots reggae, dancehall and dub to an unsuspecting audience. Whether you like reggae or not these guys have been instrumental in creating a platform to showcase young alternative sounds in India.



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