Mumbai Gig Preview: Dub FX

22 March 2013

It's officially a hat-trick. In an unusual show of musical generosity it would appear one of our many gods has a soft spot for beat-boxers; particularly a certain live-looping Australian with a penchant for big beats. We doubt anyone who's seen Dub FX live in action would object to keeping the tradition going either.

Post two successful India tours back in 2011 (by KRUNK and Inroom Records) and 2012 with Inroom again, Stanford's kicking off his street-to-stage act at Mumbai's Canvas on Friday, 22 March brought down by Delhi-based Eventwala's property, Electronica in India. If you're perplexed about this (possibly) being the first time you've heard about it at all, it would appear promotions regarding the gig were sparse to say the least. Not to mention details about the gig were a bit hard to come across as even FX's India manager, Laiq Qureshi of Inroom records, struggled to procure information from the event company (who have a fairly unblemished reputation otherwise) regarding the show.

One way or the other, the good news is that Dub FX is here and he's brought his holy trinity with him; namely heavy bass, phat beats and influential lyrics that hit hard. It would be borderline blasphemous to miss the show, the man deserves an audience. He’ll also be performing at Bangalore’s Pebble on 24 March, Delhi’s Rang Festival as one of its headlining acts on 27 March and Kitty Su, New Delhi on 29 March.

More info on tonight's show can be found on the Facebook event here

Words: Mandovi Menon



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