The 24-Hour Project: Sandunes & Paralights Release New Track & Video

19 March 2013

Two of our favourite electronica artists got a project going this Sunday and its fruition is officially up for witnessing.

Sandunes (Sanaya Ardeshir) and Paralights (Ayan De) - both from our list of top 10 producers to watch out for in 2013 - titled their 24-hour project 'Motionsphere'; a complete 4 minute track with a video to boot. The song itself is visceral - a Paralights trademark if ever there was one - but the two thriving producers manage to find ineffable middle ground between Ayan's emotive grooves and Sanaya's textural glitch/stirring synths. The result is utterly trifonic-esque, a sound relatively untouched by the current electronica-serving artist circuit.

"Ayan and I happened to have a free day (free-ish: both of us were tired with our current productions/commercial projects) and decided to make a tune together. When things started sounding slick, we decided to finish the track within the day. We worked out of his studio in Andheri but between two separate machines, passing the same project back and forth in shifts. When we were at the final stage - mixing down our melodic love-child - we decided the track was too nice to release on its own, even if it had been done in just a day so we decided to throw a video into the mix as well. Once again, within the same day. Lucky to have sporting friends ("sure I'll be in your music video") we DIY'd the whole thing and learned loads from each other about different creative processes in fast forward mode. Basically, highly productive for your average Sunday." - Sandunes.

Well, if this is what comes of slowed-down Sundays, we're willing to give up some debauchery for the pondering this track provided.

Any more collaborations in 2013? "Everyone needs to get on this boat, it's the new way forward," asserts Ardeshir.

You can watch and listen to Motionsphere below. The track will be up for free download in a week, watch this space.

Words: Mandovi Menon


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