Illuminen // Live

29 January 2013

Illuminen // Live is a performance from media artist, composer and performer Surabhi Saraf, within which she showcases tracks from her upcoming album 'Illuminen'. The performance involves live video, choreographed lights and various on stage performers.

Taking the audience on a journey of synaesthetic experiences, it aims to present how our perception "of the self is constructed through our senses". Saraf's vision for the evening is to accentuate each sense, addressing the value of each individually in a blended concert.

Inspired by the ways we perceive temporal phenomena through movement – both visually and sonically – Surabhi uses her background in experimental sound, Indian classical music and choreography to create cutting edge audio and video works.

"The evening progresses from Spinning Four, a visually rich immersive sonic experience that stimulates external senses, to Illuminen, which focuses inward, negotiating ideas of entertainment, experience, sensation and sensationalism with the conviction that it is actually the numbing of certain sensory realities that generates crucial moments in socio-cultural transformation." - Goethe Institut

This performance will take place at Siddhartha Hall, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan on Wednesday 30 January at 6pm. Drop in if it sounds up your street.



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