Puma Creative Factory Returns To Delhi

17 January 2013

Just a month ago, One Style Mile was bustling with people creating their very own custom designed T7 Track Jackets. Materials were upcycled, classic components were chosen, zippers were sprayed, some incredible jackets were made and lots of fun was had during the process.

After the success of this, Puma are back in Delhi for another Built for One workshop on Sunday 27 January, with Wild City on board as collaborators. In addition to designing and making your very own T7 jacket (which will be put together by a team of on site tailors), this event will feature a variety of exciting designs that guests can get printed on the back of their jackets.

Exclusive designs have been especially made by Wild City as well as Bombay design collective WeThePpl, The Ska Vengers, Shaa’ir and Func, UnMute Agency and Peter Cat Recording Co. There will of course be plenty of music, drinks and food so what better way to follow up a dry day in Delhi.

Registration is essential if you want to be in with a chance to get passes for the Creative Factory and we’ll also be running a comp over the next few days.



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