Gotye To Play In India As Part Of Oz Fest

10 December 2012

We had an inkling that someone pretty big would be making their way over from the land of Oz for the grand finale of Oz Fest in February 2013, but this was definitely a surprise.

‘Someboday I Used To Know’ has been blasting our radios, TV Internet, shops and elevators since 2011. It became an instant success, topping charts left right and centre, going platinum many times over, appearing on all the late night classics, receiving numerous parodies, winning awards and even being endorsed by Twitter giants Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry.

So for now, prepare your ears for a further enslaught of ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ as the radio and music channels will no doubt be going crazy to welcome the fuzzy faced Australian to India.

Goyte will be playing at blueFROG Delhi on the 6th February 2013 to mark the end of Oz Fest promoted in association with OML, naturally.

Oz Fest Website

Just in case...

Image Credit: Cybele Malinowski


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