Music Basti Celebrates 4 Years

28 November 2012

Music Basti is a Delhi based organisation that works with at-risk youth and street children through music and arts projects. Their primary aim is to strengthen the voices of vulnerable children using music projects that develop self confidence and creativity whilst learning key skills and a healthy attitude of self worth.

The last four years have seen Music Basti grow from strength to strength, creating a profound impact on the young people that they engage with, leaving lasting legacies with projects such as “Dhanak Dhin: Monsoon With Music Basti” where music was created by former street children in collaboration with artists inspired by the monsoon season in Delhi.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of people’s expectations and strengthening the importance that music and arts play in personal development, Music Basti is turning into a powerful force sending out a strong message about the positive impact that creative projects have with at-risk children.

Our hats are off to founder Faith Gonsalves. You can read her thoughts about the last four years here.

Music Basti Website

Image Credit: Shiv Ahuja


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