We ♥ Bandra Pop-Up Festival

21 November 2012

The creative minds behind WeThePPL are putting together a series of shows, parties, screenings, art installations and workshops over the course of five weekends all over Bandra as part of a new pop-up festival. The weekdays will be programmed with workshops and talks with surprise events and dance parties ‘popping up’ at various venues and locations across Bandra starting this weekend (November 24).

Each weekend, events fall under a theme with a rotating art show, pop-up shop, live show and film screening:

MOVE / November 24
OCCUPY / December 1
TRIP / December 8
EAT / December 15
LOVE / December 20

Featured events so far include a talk by ‘Narcopolis’ author Jeet Thayil, an art show by NorBlack NorWhite, and a dance-off with Veve Dance and Urbanista.

The festival is an interactive and inclusive experience with organisers encouraging individuals and groups to get involved. You can do this by inviting people to 'pop-up' their own art, shows or workshops. Maybe even host their own events as part of the festival.

To list your event as part of ‘We Love Bandra Pop-Up Festival’ simply email hello@wethepeopleareready.com. A festival guide can be found online here and you can stay in the loop via Facebook and Twitter too.

WeThePPL is an experiment made up of a ‘family’ of artists, thinkers and producers:

We are a family of artists,
thinkers and producers,
sisters & brothers,
friends and lovers,
connected to what-is-known-as
the largest democracy in the world.

We are conducting experiments under WETHEPPL
dealing out ideas and seeing how they work -

some are conceptual
some are physical
some are in pictures
and some are in verse.
Some are fresh, some are ancient
and some are a mix of both.

All are inspired by the ppl
the ppl around us,
our friends and family,
and the ppl we look up to
pioneers and revolutionaries.

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