Listen: Delhi Bass Figurehead East Stepper Releases New LP

2 November 2012

Abhishek Jha a.k.a East Stepper is a Delhi based producer that we have never shied away from writing about here at Wild City. With roots layered deep into the Indian underground he is known for his unique blend of bass heavy music with Indian fusion elements, all whilst consistently straying away from the commercial side of dubstep and drum and bass.

This morning he released his debut LP titled 'Blue Leaf', through self run label, DeepMisfit Records. A Indian label that strives to push fresh and original, no frills bass music.

"Blue Leaf is my first full length album where I have tried to keep my sense of beat and bass aesthetics intact (in comparison to earlier works such as 'Radio Bass' EP). You will however find this album to be more in your face with heavier bass and bigger beats. A lot of lo-fi sounds from buskers, folk singers, instrumentalists and field recordings have also been sampled in this album."

"For example", he continues, "the second track of the album called Temple has sounds from a mandir bell which has been used as a strong percussive element throughout the track. Another tune from the album has recordings I took from Baul musicians in West Bengal. Even though the album draws inspiration from dubstep and drum and bass, it has now evolved into the kind of bass music which accurately reflects an aspect of my personality." - East Stepper

All in all, it's a beast. You can stream the entire album in full below. Get involved in our comments section - we'd love to hear your thoughts.


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