Wild City Launches Kini Rao's 'Chalk Farm' EP With Mother Perera

19 October 2012

By now you should know that we don’t do anything by halfs.

On 9 November we’ll be proving this by not only hosting the official Delhi launch for Kini Rao’s latest EP, but also inviting Berlin’s Mother Perera, frontlady of 3-piece dub/electronica outfit Jahcoozi to polish off the party in style.

Most of you should have already heard of Kini Rao. She's a producer that people around the country are getting excited about and rightly so. With four releases already under her belt on respected labels such as Maktub and Whose Haus, Kini is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. We thought it only fair to invite her up to Delhi, to help launch her sublime ‘Chalk Farm EP’ out for release on Twisted Frequency on 15 October.

Supporting her cause after collaborating as part of the recent Sound Camp initiative would be Sri-Lankan/British MC/DJ Sasha Perera, otherwise known as Mother Perera.

Anyone that has witnessed her take to the stage, will know that she’s a performer and DJ whose live shows come armed with an infectious arsenal of house, bass and techno cuts. The versatility of her music and sheer energy of her live performances has led her on an unrelenting trail across 5 continents, playing everything from festivals to clubs, raves, squats, galleries, and even impromptu Boombox parties in a Berlin underpass.

To get yourself in the mood, you can listen to the Kini Rao Wild City Mix here and Jahcoozi Wild City mix here

*More information on this event and others happening across the country can be found on our events page here*


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