Former Bay Beat Collective Member 'Mode 7' Releases Debut EP

10 October 2012

Last night (Tuesday) former Bay Beat Collective member Raffael Kably uploaded his debut EP to Bandcamp under the Mode 7 alias. Trading bass heavy drops for brooding beatscapes, the Mode 7 project strives to falter in pensive, pro-ambient terrain. "The result is an open-format documentation of Kably’s darkest inhibitions, ripe with reality, imagination and rawness."

Titled 'All In Faded Days', it's an accessible and inoffensive listen. Although easily labeled as downtempo, it should not be mistaken for some Buddha Bar/Mushroom Jazz compilation throwaway. Kably's debut is complex, orchestrated music which successfully blurs the line between a programmed and live sound.

"I just wanted to put something out there that was music for easy listening. Something that you could listen to on a drive or in the background while you're working. That's how I started writing the tunes for this album. In the end I just picked 4 of my favourites and put them in the order that I believe they should be heard and bam I had this EP. I think the sound turned out great and the response I'm getting in just one day of having the EP out there is already way more than I had anticipated" - Mode7

The debut from this producer shows off his flair for dynamics which, in chill, is a remarkable achievement. You can hear the EP in full below. For a free download head here


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