Guggenheim Lab En Route To Mumbai

4 October 2012

The Guggenheim have joined forces with BMW to create a pop-up lab that will travel around the world to 9 cities over 6 years. The Lab has already visited Berlin after its launch in New York last year and Mumbai will be the third stop of its journey at the end of 2012.

Part urban think tank, part community centre and public gathering space, the Lab aims to inspire public discourse in cities around the world through a programme of free events that will feature films, lectures, workshops, performances and experiments. Through the website and social media, people around the world can follow this project and engage with this travelling global dialogue.

The theme of the Lab for the first 2 years is 'Confronting Comfort' and will explore how urban environments can become more responsive to people’s needs, how people can feel more at ease in urban environments and the need for environmental and social responsibility.




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