Exit Festival Partners With Ragasthan, The Season's Newest Music Festival

4 September 2012

This November the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, will play host to the very first edition of Ragasthan. A three-day festival featuring music, film, art, photography and outdoor activities such as sand-surfing, zorbing and dune-boarding.

In an attempt to promote both local and international tourism to the region of Rajasthan, it aims to showcase various genres of music over its three stages. As well as the above mentioned activities, attendees will be be able to enjoy paintballing, kite-surfing, hot-air ballooning and even RC car rides. There will also be a film tent screening films with directors present for discussion.

Set to take place from 16-18 November, the camping festival has partnered with Exit, one of Europe's largest and most eclectic music festivals, held in the grounds of Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia every summer. With emphasis on making the festival about the journey to the destination as much as about the activities over the weekend, Ragasthan plans to organise a convoy of artists in buses, with people being able to follow them to the venue. Alongside this there will be Harley rallies with some of the bands travelling with bikers on to site.

"The festival is unique in the sense that it takes place in Jaisalmer, right in the middle of nowhere. It is a camping festival so people will be staying in tents outdoors. It's not like the usual music festival with a huge LED screen and stuff. The festival will also feature a lot of local, Indian artists, and some ancient, forgotten Rajasthani art-forms" - Keith Menon, Ragasthan organiser

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