Wild City 003: BLOT

Wild City 003: BLOT

24 August 2011

B.L.O.T is an acronym for the Basic Love of Things. It's also a multidisciplinary project helmed by Gaurav Malaker and Avinash Kumar, with the sole objective of creating alternative and experimental sound and vision experiences.

Avinash Kumar is a designer, visual artist, filmmaker and VJ. He's also a founding member of the two design and research firms Quicksand and BOX. Gaurav Malaker on the other hand is a DJ, producer and a founding member of Qilla Records.

Together they blend sound and music using traditional filmmaking techniques as well as motion and stop-motion graphics to visually manipulate their performance spaces.

The mix as expected does not disappoint, incorporating an exhilarating mix of different moods, tempos and styles of bass music. From Nicolas Jaar through to Mount Kimbie, it even manages to squeeze in a bootleg of Wicked Games by Chris Issak without losing the plot. We imagine that we'll be hearing lots more from BLOT! in the months to come, for now however they appear to be operating at the top of their game...

Check out their mix here:

Direct Download: Wild City #003 - BLOT!


Always Cream The Color - Sixfingerz
Variations - Nicolas Jaar
La Bestia - Shonky
Searching (Shonky Remix) - Ellen Allien
Wicked Games Bootleg - Chris Issak
Carbonated - Mount Kimbie
Colomb - Nicolas Jaar

With a chocker blocked gigging calendar and some heavy releases lined up through Qilla Records, blot's bass lasers continue to fry brains worldwide.

You can preview their remix of Shiromonak by Kohra, now available on Beatport, here:


If you still want more, you can see BLOT kindly giving us a top 5 list of tracks their currently listening to here
To find out about upcoming BLOT shows head over to our events page here

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