Wild City #235: Anushka

Wild City #235: Anushka

28 May 2024

Since stepping behind the console after years as a familiar face in the fashion, beauty photography and live music events space, Anushka Menon has been steadily rising as a selector. The success of her pumping selections-filled Boiler Room set is the latest achievement in that ascent.

Off the back of it, the Goa-based multi-faceted artist recorded a set at the freshly opened venue JUNA which she shares exclusively as her Wild City mix.

For the Wild City mix, Anushka opts for the syncopated energy of breakbeats as she drops into the rhythms after an ambient welcome. She kicks things off with expansive introspective selections to immerse you before jet-setting onto more fun-focused grounds halfway through as Logic1000's 'Rush' rolls in.

Making use of her multi-faceted artistic expression, Anushka has also curated visuals to go with the mix which you can experience here.

"Presenting some uplifting euphoric and groovy breaks this time!" – Anushka

Listen to the mix below:

Direct Download Wild City #235: Anushka




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