Wild City #229: Kandy Kuri

Wild City #229: Kandy Kuri

25 October 2023

Our Wild City Mix section is not just a reservoir of some sonic journeys from formidable selectors coming out of India and beyond but often also a place to familiarise oneself with some rising forces. Our latest edition comes in the latter category as it brings to the fore one of the country's meteorically rising acts: Kandy Kuri.

With not much more than a year to her name, Kandy Kuri has found herself supporting the likes of Yung Singh and Lady Shaka alongside featuring on lineups of Bass Camp and Magnetic Fields Festival off the back of authenticity-focused selections across styles that she weaves together with a gentle gradualness – as brandished on her Wild City mix. The mix puts focus on textures evoked by the percussion within shades of breaks, garage and house while briefly passing through techno. Even as vocals come to the limelight with 'Fundamentals' by Worldcolour, they only serve to augment the atmosphere as a textural element, playing to the purpose of creating a whirring hypnotic mood.

"The goal of my selections is always to meet the listener in whatever present we might share but scramble the very sense of what that present might be made of. Through reverberating bass-y percussions, broken techno and otherworldly melodies, this energetic mix aspires to invoke moments of dizzy unravelling & hypnotic contemplation on a sweaty dancefloor; And it does so with an extremely impatient form of meticulous patience" – Kandy Kuri

Listen to the mix below:

Direct Download Wild City #229: Kandy Kuri // Head here for Mixcloud


Parachute Kernel (Original) - Teqmun
Perpetual Flow - Don't DJ
Shimmer - Kassian
Cabaret - Toumba
Bubbly - Sister Zo
Phowa - Siu Mata & Amor Satyr
Mei Long - Azu Tiwaline
341 - NHK'Koyxeи
Fundamentals - Wordcolour
Frequency - French II
BBR003 (LAUGHTER) - Kush Jones
One Way Ticket - Black Rave Culture
Mega Tempo - Rachiid Paralyzing
Escándaloo - Verraco
Engine Track - Rhyw
Jerboa - Despina, Sha Ru
Synapse - YAKUO
Fez (Amor Satyr Remix) - Palitra
Squarefoot - Burna
Barbosa - Amor Satyr & Same O
Bam - Hodge
Blue Dub - Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton



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