Wild City #212: Deep Brown

Wild City #212: Deep Brown

9 May 2022

Few sets invite one into a trance as quickly as Deep Brown's Wild City mix, which instantly whirrs you in with the arpeggios of Nathan Melja's 'Back And Forth'.

A long-standing DJ originally from Kolkata, Ankur Kedia aka Deep Brown gradually lets the arpeggios dissipate into textures focused on percussive numbers and bass melodies tailored for the dancefloor with the techno and house set. Within the incessant thump of the genre that never overbears and never lets down the energy, the selection traverses a range of styles, riding waves of pristine productions to the raw retro energy like the deep cut remix by DJ Smeagzy of Andy Kas' 'Funky Roadway', a particular highlight in the sonic journey.

"The mix is an ode to Goa and everything it represents for me! The mood is trippy, trancey and psychedelic, whilst keeping the funk and groove alive. It's my attempt to mix old-school sounds and rhythms with modern grooves and aesthetics." – Deep Brown

Listen to the mix below and head to Deep Brown's artist profile for more:

Direct Download Wild City #212: Deep Brown // Head here for Mixcloud


Nathan Melja - Back And Forth
Reflex Blue - Back 2 Earth
Hybrid Man - Pulsar
Innershades - Flying Birds In The Sunset
Anotr - Atomic Air
Guy Contact - Spinifex Drum
Djoko - Terminate The Machine
Andy Kas - Funky Roadway (DJ Smeagzy's Remix)
Vitess - Clean
Guy Contact - There Is No Orb
X-Coast - Narcotic Influence
b0n - Blind Control
Boink - Hahaha
Kvrk - Computer Generated
Muse About - Psartek Philippe
Cosmic G & Laars - Proper Motion


Deep Brown


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