Wild City #175: Nash JR

Wild City #175: Nash JR

28 June 2019

Spinning records since the age of 15, New Delhi-based DJ Nash JR is adept at weaving together seamless sets traversing through a variety of genres. He utilises the expertise efficiently in his latest mix for Wild City, which sees the bass-head branch out from his trademark sound.

After kicking things off with the contemporary sounds of Waffles and Tom Misch, Nash introduces world fusion elements with Fun Da’ Mental’s ‘Back To Basix’ before localising things with the Bollywood samples of ‘Party’ by J Rocc. The set features a notable spontaneity in its mixing as Nash jumps from the techno rhythms of Pearson Sound’s ‘XLB’ to the breakbeats of Pangaea’s ‘Bone Sucka’ – connecting the multitude of styles with a rhythmic narrative. The merit of the mix lies in the fact that the constant switch between genres never jumps out, unless you are deliberately trying to split the selections into categories.

“Diving deep into the unexplored sounds of breakbeat, techno and UK garage, this mix is an effort of combining all the underground music together.” - Nash JR

Listen to the mix below:

Direct Download Wild City #175: Nash JR


Waffles - Computer
Tom Misch - Twinkle Twinkle
Fun Da Mental Back To Basix
J Rocc - Party
Brett Haley - The Mole Groove
Pearson Sound Rubble
Wheats - Original Rebel
Pearson Sound - XLB
Pangaea - Bone Sucka
Pearson Sound - Robin Chasing Butterflies
Pépe - HORT4 Tom’s D1N3R
Witchdoctor - From The Inside
Overmono - The Mabe
Minor Science - Naturally Spineless.
Machinedrum - Hype Up.
Ramadanman - Glut


Nash Jr


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