13 October 2014

Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a bi-monthly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City.

We've moved far from those polished compilations that explore the sounds that sit at 'the heart of a nation.' Certain independent labels are now championing maverick sounds from around the world and we've been lucky enough to have three very special recent releases.

First up is the simply brilliant, AwesomeTapesFromAfrica. New Yorker Brian Shimkovitz started out with a blog back in 2006 to showcase cassettes he'd pick up on his travels. His blog then turned into a label where he's managed to uncover mind-boggling music from the African continent that ranged from Kenyan Disco to releases from Burkina Faso. And he's received nothing but encouragement from local artists who often ask him, "has anyone heard our sounds abroad?' With a little help from crowd sourcing he's been able to release beauties like Penny Penny, a South African Tsongo disco singer from the early 90s who's now a Politician. His regained popularity has given him the chance to perform worldwide including recently at the Sydney Opera House. Check out their recent drop 'Penny Penny remixes' that has fresh, local South African talent remixing the renewed legend's sounds. Expect house, techno and kwaito.

The label Tiger's Milk is all about Peru love. It's an apt term since 'leche de tigre' is a Peruvian citrus-based marinade in the dish Ceviche and the boys behind the label also run Peruvian restaurants. They have just come out with the compilation 'Peru Bravo' that looks at underground funk, soul and psych from 60s + 70s Lima. It's fantastic, as was there debut 'Peru Maravilloso.' They are true selectors. I've showcased a local hero from the period called 'Traffic Sound'. Have a listen:

Finally, we have Cuba. Havana Cultura is all about showcasing contemporary Cuban creativity and the Brownswood boys have come out with a fourth album release that sits on par with their other killer projects. This is a musical exchange between Cuban vocalists, musicians and unsigned artists worldwide that combines strong traditional Cuban roots with new inspired sounds. The product is 'The Soundclash' and its an insight into untouched Cuban talent. See episode 41 for 'Yemaya - Chillum Trip' that's taken from the release. Here's a past project favourite, Danny Suarez:


*The tracks featured and Amrisha's previous shows can all be found here and don't forget you can tune into her bi-monthly show on Monday at 4pm on Radio 79.**



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