Wild City Editors Pick: 2013 Mixes

26 February 2014

We know that the time for retrospective lists is officially over but we’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-visiting our mix series from 2013 and feel compelled to share some of our favourites.

The Wild City mix series for us reflects a mirror of events and artists that are shaping the landscape of the alternative music scene in India. A range of influences, new and old, from a healthy dose of established artists but also plenty of fresh faces too. We’re incredibly proud of the music and artists that we are able to showcase through this and also thankful for all the people who have taken the time and effort to create these.

What started off as a top 5 has now turned into a top 7 - here are just some of our favourites from last year:

#066 M.Mat

#065 L’Imperatrice

#063 Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator

#058 Paralights

#055 Sid Vashi

#052 Pete Herbert

#050 Gaurav Malaker


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