Magnetic Fields: More Than A Music Festival

21 November 2013

The dawn of our first festival is fast approaching and while we are thrilled, nervous and insanely excited all at once, we are also concerned that we haven’t filled you in properly about what you need to prepare yourself for and what you should expect.

Here's 10 things you should know about Magnetic Fields Festival:

The Carnival
Magnetic Fields is a 3 day celebration marking the historical meeting of the mysterious Bedouins with the royal Kings and Queens from Rajasthan. Their union many moons ago resulted in a sensational celebration and magical carnival that has over the years wandered from our memories - until now. December 2013 is an auspicious anniversary, as we speak, the magnetic fields are currently switching in the earths atmosphere, change is in the air and the Kings and Queens are making their palace ready to welcome the new Bedouins and celebrate the long lost anniversary of their ancestors union with a spectacular 3 days of parties, costumes, secrets and treasure.

Welcome Gift
Some festival essentials will be in there along with some non-essentials that will welcome you to Magnetic Fields, a gift from us with some crucial tools, information and keep sakes that we hope you treasure…

Your festival bible, a guide full of suggestions, clues and recommendations carefully put together. You’ll need this to work out where the secret parties are, decipher the enigmas that we have built into the festival, how to find the treasure and of course important information about who’s playing where and when.

On Site Currency
Forget those nasty coupons, we’ve got beautiful little swag bags of our own Magnetic Fields currency, spend the cash, keep the bag!

Dressing Up/Costumes
What are you going to wear? This is no occasion for your daily gladrags, represent your tribe, let your imagination run wild and establish your new identity. Start channeling the steampunk, royal, rajasthani, bedouin tribe theme.
Think decadent and excess meets dreamy wild desert ethereal. Thick rich warm layers that will take you from late night dancing under the stars into morning sunrise.

A gastronomical bazaar of fresh, light and ready to eat delicious treats drawing inspiration from cuisines of the streets of India and around the world. Freshly baked breads, ground herbs, chile pepper and lime dressings; fiery sauces and spicy dips inspired from Middle Eastern flavors; crunchy bean salads and nut milk smoothies will complement local street food traditions of plate lunches served up in convenient and 100% natural Bento boxes.
The Food bazaar will be styled and presented like at a local mela/ fair with hawkers selling different types of foods on portable carts and stalls. All the ingredients used will be locally sourced, fresh and un-processed for a wholesome and hearty experience.

Bloody Mary’s to give you that wake-up kick, Sangria kits to enjoy lounging on the lawn and hot toddies to keep you toasty in the early hours. Wholesome nutty, energy boosters and revitalisers will be there for those after natural sustenance.

Round The Clock
Feel grass between your toes and warm sun on your skin during the day's festivities on the South Stage. And just before the clock strikes 12 the elegant courtyard of the North Stage will become your new home until you work out where the secret parties are. Entertainment will run throughout the night.

We love fire! Huddling around the fire is good but dancing around the fire is better...

Treasure Hunt
There is treasure in the palace waiting to be discovered. This will be no easy feat and is not for the faint hearted. Your guidebook will help you get started and over three days you will have to decipher a variety of clues and puzzles in order to reach your goal.

**Magnetic Fields is taking place from 13-15 December at Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan. Tickets are selling fast. Guarantee yourself a place here. Ticket prices below:**

Tents (Bedouin)
1 Person: Rs 29,000 per person (includes festival pass and accommodation - in double bed tent)
2 People: Rs 16,500 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in luxury tent)
3 People: Rs 15,000 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in luxury tent)
**All luxury tents are en-suite and include running hot water**

Palace Rooms (Kings & Queens)
1 Person: Rs 39,000 per person (includes festival pass and accommodation - in double bedroom) SOLD OUT!!
2 People: Rs 21,500 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in palace) SOLD OUT!!
3 People: Rs 20,500 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in palace)
4 people: Rs 19,500 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in place)
5 people: Rs 18,500 per person (includes all festival passes and accommodation in palace)

Pitch Your Own Tent:
Rs 8750 per person
**Includes access to lockers, hot showers and washrooms.**

Ticket Only:
Rs 4000 per person (no accomodation included. Hotel options available in Jhunjhunu)



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