Review: Downstairs At Zo

30 January 2013

Downstairs at Zo takes me back to those wonderful little bohemian traps on Brick Lane in East London; reinforced Moroccan like dens acting as shelters against the world outside. As you descend downstairs at Zo, warm colours and low, comfortable furniture immediately draw you in, and as you survey the room for a cosy corner you can easily resign yourself to cancelling any other plans you may have made that evening.

On our first visit, projectors filled up spaces on the walls with wonderfully kitsche visuals by WWYYZZZRRDDZ VJ, Santana Issar. Guest DJ Thee J Johanz from Holland impressed with his incredible collection of obscure Bollywood treasures, each like a special gift to his audience that were lapping up the opportunity to revel in the golden era of their childhood memories.

The fly trap quality of this space also has its down sides too, when Ganesh Talkies landed on stage with their sparkly outfits and heart shaped sunglasses, I was far too comfortable to stand up and show my appreciation, and I wasn’t on my own. Although my legs refused to let me stand, I enjoyed soaking up the intimate and magical atmosphere that had been created from the comfy seats on the floor.

We were generally impressed by Ganesh Talkies. Helmed by front lady Suyasha, she carried the performance with an effortless blend of sass and cool, confidently engaging with the audience delivering a pop-rocking energetic gig that was refreshingly fun and light-hearted. These Kolkata kids have been playing for just over two years and have since won the Converse hunt for The Original band in December 2012. We have high hopes for Ganesh Talkies and look forward to hearing the follow up to their debut EP ‘Three Tier, Non AC’.

Our return to the venue the following week followed a similar suit. A quick drink turned into several as familiar faces poured in and washed away memories of a long weary afternoon traipsing around Old Delhi. Downstairs at Zo feels like an extension of a good friend’s home, a detached pocket of calm from the increasingly growing chaos shuffling the narrow Hauz Khas Village streets outside.

With programming in the hands of Stiff Kittens, punters can look forward to a well thought out and varied range of music, comedy and theatrical performances. The venue has already welcomed many debut Delhi performances from bands across the country and looks to grow into an underground hub. A home away from home.

Here's a list of just some of the events taking place in February:

Feb 02: Jazz a Go Go! with Fubar Ghetto and Flexi K (DJ set)
Feb 06: The art of the Kuru Chronicles featuring Tritha Sinha
Feb 07: The Jass B'stards and friends
Feb 09: Jazz a Go! Go! with Grey Area and Flexi K (DJ set)
Feb 10: LOK Theatre (Kolkatta) 5 Grains of Sugar (mixed media theatre performance)
Feb 16: Jazz a Go! Go! with Drift and Flash Hardcor
Feb 20: Cheese Monkey Mafi532635's532638'The Laughing Stock'. Live stand up comedy
Feb 21: The Jass B'stards and Friends
Feb 22: Jeepers Creepers (Kolkatta)
Feb 23: Jazz a Go! Go! with Syncopation and Flexi K (DJ set)
Feb 27: SPACE Jam



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