"Tiger & Woods: "5 Tracks That Inspire Us"

26 November 2012

Later this week, Heineken Green Room, a series of intimate, invite-only events is due to feature the enigmatic and elusive disco duo Tiger & Woods. The events taking place in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore (details here) promise to feature some of the most exciting and innovative sounds this side of The Atlantic. We need not mention some of the most dancefloor friendly too.

Known for their anonymity and loop-friendly funk-disco-house sensibilities, the selection of Tiger & Woods is yet again an interesting choice from the HGR curators. As with the first edition of Heineken Green Room (gallery here), this edition will feature the Heineken Green Room Sessions, which with these chaps in question, will revolve around the question, ‘Is anonymity the new stardom?’

In the run up to the events, which we must say w452384're particularly excited about, we managed to track down the mysterious and curious duo so that they can talk us through 5 of their most inspirational tracks. As expected the list is full of straight up gems.

In no particular order (with all tracks linked to YouTube):

Coco Bill “Evita” (1984, Gei-Ar Productions)

Perfect example of that kind of "cheap" Italian disco which is highly influential on modern dance music. Amazing beats and basslines, very bad vocals, but probably fascinating because of that. Magic.

Cashmere “Inner Feelings” (1983, Philly World Records)

80s boogie at its finest. Electronic sounds and warm chords. I453291's the perfect example of why we love this genre: few elements well mixed together to create a lot of groove to dance to.

Mr. Master “A Dog In The Night (Instrumental)” (1983, House Of Music)

Super electronic disco again from Italy. Catchy melodies were one of the main characteristics of those Italian producers, and in this case they hit just the right spot making the tune sounding epic. Secret jam among our all time favourites.

Apollonia 6 “Oooo She She Wa Wa” (1984, Warner Bros)

Sexy pervert beats and vocals for one of Princ454105's most amazing side projects. He "used" Apollonia to deliver some experimental avantgarde kinda funk which is still unique after so many years.

Mike Francis “Survivor” (1984, Concorde)

Classic Italian pop/boogie song from the early 80s. Growing up listening to these kind of songs made us be what we are. Mike Francis was a genius, and he always managed to sound both Italian and international.

**For more information on all the Heineken Green Room dates as well as other events happening across the country you can head over to our events page here**



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