Arjun Vagale: Top 5 Tracks Of The Moment

23 May 2012

It was almost 10 years ago that Arjun Vagale along with 4 friends formed India’s first ever live techno act, Jalebee Cartel. Although the band continues to flourish and tour Asia-wide it's Arjun’s solo productions that are currently turning heads worldwide.

Arguably one of the most in demand underground DJs in India, Vagale currently plays over 100 gigs a year, tours regularly in Europe and Asia and often spends his summer in the world’s techno mecca of Berlin.

One of his latest ventures saw him recently launch his very own imprint MakTub Music with partner Logistic Soundz. Over the last three years, the imprint has built an impressive roster of artists including Alex Dolby, Fiord, Jay Haze, Pawas, Jimmy Van M, Dave Ellesmere and Ray Kajioka just to name a few. That's not all however. He's also managed to find time to launch ILM Academy in Delhi as well as UnMute Agency, India's latest management and booking agency started with long time collaborator and Jalebee band manager Dev Bhatia.

We thought it was the right time to get Arjun to sit down and tell us about his top 5 tracks of the moment. There's also a little Wild City exclusive in there somewhere. Check them out below:

Sian - Anarchist Cookbook"Boss of the super dope Octopus Recordings releases his newest EP, 'Dangerous Liaisons'. This isn't the title track but the one I've been playing out the most. A super deep subby bassline under a quirky arp and haunting live vocals. It's as he likes to call it; 'midnight freakiness meets dance floor functionality'."

DJ Druzz, Omega Mus - Apeman"DFA's main man goes solo with this debut single. I love the wonky detuned synth that is the backbone of this totally mental bomb."

Robert Dietz - Heavy Mental"Out on Fanciullie's Saved imprint. I'm a massive Robert Dietz fan and play almost everything he produces. This one has such a wicked bassline and tons of random well programed vocal snips thrown all over."

Aldo Cadiz - Mancora Live (Edgar de Ramon Remix)"Edgar is a friend and an amazing young producer. I love the fact that the track really is a perfect set builder as it takes you through various spaces with such detailed fx programming. It then just drops you back to right where you were."

Arjun Vagale - Sleep Walking"Had to put one of mine in there. I just finished this a few weeks ago and have been playing it at every gig since. It's a slightly deeper, more twisted track with some atmospheric sounds thrown in. I actually recorded it late one night when a construction truck decided to make a racket out side my house. It's still unreleased so this is a super exclusive preview for The Wild City."


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