Introduction: Connecting The Dots

Introduction: Connecting The Dots

9 November 2011

Connecting the Dots is the culmination of Pratik Chaudhri's journey as a dancer and inspired by his passion for story telling. It is an ongoing visionary project that will unite artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, animators and a wealth of creative minds to create a series of smaller projects - the dots - with the aim of merging them together to create a bigger picture, a collaborative work towards what he describes as “Essential In-completion ”.

The project that sparked this concept was a dance duet and photography project called Moving Into Stillness (2006). This was Chaudhri's first collaborative experiment and inspired him to explore more cross discipline pieces and ultimately motivated the concept for Connecting the Dots.

The short film titled Solar (2010), a collaborative piece with editors, a choreographer and musician was the first 'dot' in the project. It was through this project that the idea of story telling and the significance that it plays through art as a means of uniting creative disciplines and effectively reaching out to people made a strong impact on Chaudhri. Solar

This realisation led to the creation of a short story based on Chaudhri's personality called Concupiscible (2011), meaning 'worthy of being desired'. This was created with writer Eesha Singh and evolved into a collaboration with photographer Zishaan Latif.

“I believe that this project and the many more I have done before this are connected in one common concept, which will be revealed once the dots reveal themselves."

Chaudhri is planning to develop Connecting the Dots over the next couple of years culminating in a live performance and fully fledged production covering a wide variety of creative disciplines including actors, dancers, architects, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, video artists, make-up and fashion designers, singers and more.

"Connecting the Dots is a platform for showcasing works towards Essential In-completion. In the future I would like for it to become a patron in the field of creativity, facilitating opportunities for people who are searching for their other side - their crazy self."

Connecting the Dots is looking to reach out and work with artists from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in experimenting with different mediums of expression. If you would like to get involved as a participant or patron, or feel that you have something to offer the project you can email Pratik Chaudhri:




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