Review Of Delhi's Newest Nightclub: Kitty Su

Review Of Delhi's Newest Nightclub: Kitty Su

They say that first impressions count for everything. It seems that the Lalit Hotels have pounced on this expression, making sure that you can be nothing short of bowled over by the charm and charisma of not only the carefully thought out aesthetics of their new venue Kitty Su, but also the hospitality and warm welcome of the staff.

The venue d├ęcor is refreshingly subtle and neutral, there is little trace of garish decadence that seems to be popular in many clubs, but rather a soft echo of retro chic in the main and surrounding rooms. The layout of the main room with the ability to find cosy nooks within the large space and the ability to sneak away through secluded doors into completely new spaces makes Kitty Su a venue that can be explored and enjoyed on a variety of levels.

The Entrance

It was only when my eyes caught the oily gleam of a fabric that hasn't reared its shameful head in public since the 90s when a few one hit wonder bands were misguided into believing that they looked good in latex trousers, that I realised that they'd widely missed the nail on the head. It can work within the realm of fetish and dominatrix - strictly behind closed doors, but baggy and paired with tank tops as bar staff uniform in this contemporary and stylish venue... not convinced! The trousers over the course of the night became a popular subject of conversation between strangers. I can see where the concept came from, Kama Sutra carvings on the wall above the bar, fetish style outfits for the barmen, it is great to see India's sensual history embraced, but not with latex.

But then to be fair, if this was the only criticism that seemed to recur around the room then Kitty Su isn't doing badly at all! The launch played host to a tough crowd, not shy from honest critical opinion, expecting only the best.

Moving on from the trousers... The sound is immense, but then nothing less can be expected as the internationally acclaimed Most Technical were brought in to kit out the space. The quality of the sound and capacity of the venue means that there is potential for some epic nights. With 4 rooms split over 2 floors each with their own name, theme and sound-system, this could lead to an interesting step forward for clubs in Delhi, offering crowds the ability to go to a night and listen to a variety of performances happening simultaneously, offering something for everyone.

The second largest room at Kitty Su: "The List"

The sound and light design is state of the art, the ambience is chic and inoffensive, the layout is interesting and original. It will need some pretty big names to pull in a full house and make the main room feel full but with careful programming this club has the potential to make supersonic waves in Delhi's nightlife.

For more information on Most Technical and the sound and light design, read back on our pre opening article here

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Kitty Su


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