Cypherhoic: Calling All Bboys & Bgirls

Cypherhoic: Calling All Bboys & Bgirls

Cypherholic, India's premier Bboy event was founded in 2010 with the idea to host a free jam for India's rapidly growing breaking community. Open to all ages, Cypherholic has now grown to become a regular event in cities across India allowing participants to experience the original flavour of competitive breakdancing.

Bboy, for those of you who don't know, stands for break boy and is the practise of breaking or Bboying, the true danceform of hip-hop with moves originating from a variety of places including tap, jazz, gymnastics, capoeira and yoga.

The 6th installation of Cypherholic in Delhi - organised by Bboy BR, Tandavaa Crew, SlumGods, Roc Fresh Crew and DJ Praxis - was their biggest to date, playing host to over 300 attendees. The event, held at Max Mueller Bhavan was split into a 2-2 freestyle and popping segment, followed by the competitive crew on crew.

Winners on the day were Firing Shooz Crew (Punjab) followed by runner-ups Fearless Crew (New Delhi).

“Yo, if you had an event like this in the states, eight hours in the heat, three people would have died. These kids though, don't give a fuck. They just respond to the funk!” - Unconventional Science.

Music was provided by two of Delhi's most prominent DJ's, BASSFoundation's DJ Praxis and Unconventional Science.

Unconventional Science & DJ Praxis

“One of the best events I've ever been involved in” - DJ Praxis

We're feeling very positive about the movements Bboying is making and battles like this popping up solely dedicated to unknown crews. It's refreshing to see how many younger crews are popping up around the country with no real infrastructure for them to learn and grow. Only time will tell what is in store for these inspired young kids... Puri's new music video shot in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, is another example of the rising Bboying culture in India.

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Roc Fresh Crew


DJ Praxis : BASSFoundation

If we've got you in the mood, check out this incredible short by Yak Films (you won't be disappointed):


Cypherholic Battle: DJ Praxis
Jatin Puri - Life Is Good: Jatin Puri & Bboy's: Milan, Babu, Baba, Shiv, La-La, Heera, Slumgods, Rohit, Aman and Rag(Sandeep)
Dancing In The Rain: Yak Films
Photos: Bhimanshu Dua Photography

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