Fatima Hajji & BIS3CTOR

Fatima Hajji & BIS3CTOR


1 September 2018


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Fatima Hajji

Fatima Hajji is considered to be one of Spain's leading techno DJs, a title she's earned after almost 20 years of spinning tunes. Though she's Spanish by birth, her Arab origins shine through the contemporary sounds in her sets and her distinctive image and style. Previously a purveyor of hard techno, Fatima has gradually transitioned to playing pure underground techno sets at slower BPMs as well as tech-house which continue to shatter boundaries at her shows. She especially shines for the freshness, audacity and ruthless grooves she brings to the dance floor.



Growing up on an electric diet of house and techno, Bis3ctor is hard to pin down musically, starting at an early age of 18, it took only a few years for him to find his strongholds. Now a regular fixture at SHC club scene Bis3ctor has shared the stage with well know artists.



BIS3CTOR Auro Kitchen & Bar


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