CIEL & Deep Brown

CIEL & Deep Brown


5 September 2019


Khar Social



Ciel is a force to be reckoned with: in the past years, besides honing a unique flair as a DJ and music maker, she has single-handedly pushed her home Toronto scene into a more inclusive one through her radio show, parties and awareness-raising. Of course this didn't happen without bravely facing criticism from local gatekeepers - so common in dance music - as highlighted in the recent Resident Advisor feature about her rise to global underground prominence. She co-ran one of the first ever Discwoman parties having later joined this seminal collective, a move which only makes sense, because of how both politically sound and brilliant Ciel is.


Deep Brown

Hailing from Kolkata - Deep Brown has been DJ'ing for more than 11 years​ ​now. He plays awide range of music ranging from Disco / Chicago House / Funk & Soul / Acid / Detroit Techno. Playing 4 decks with live drum sequencing, his sets are based on the old-school vibe of pure flow, smooth mixes and an on the fly approach of remixing to keep things fresh and connected to the heart of the floor.



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