Rohan Kalé, Ravana, Watashi, Wave Diary & Drum Attic

Rohan Kalé, Ravana, Watashi, Wave Diary & Drum Attic


24 July 2019


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi


Wave Diary

Electronica DJ from Shillong.


Rohan Kalé

Delhi-based DJ and an integral part of


Drum Attic

Drum Attic a.k.a Siddharth Mehra is one half of the Techno duo better known as Motion Noir. He first started performing around two years ago, and has played at various nightclubs ever since.



Watashi is a Bangalore based drumnbass producer and DJ.



Named after the antagonist of Valmiki's epic poem Ramayana, Ravana (aka Shravan Chellapa) is a producer, DJ and sampling agent based in New Delhi, who keeps re-emerging and re-inventing his moniker via an eclectic collage of spoken word/drum 'n' bass/jungle/break-core/dub. His new songs are raw, gritty and with thought provoking form that gradually invite the listener into a borderless experience. The perverse use of retroactive speeches, voices and old Bollywood songs, over a smokey canvas of sampled sounds and relentless hard quantized beats chuffed with dubby bass-lines and psychedelic washouts. As of 2019, Ravana has released over 30 albums/EPs and countless singles in just a short span of time.



Rohan Kalé Drum Attic Watashi Ravana Summer House Cafe


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