Juju & Jordash & Sindhi Curry

Juju & Jordash & Sindhi Curry


7 June 2019


Famous Studios


Juju & Jordash

Joining forces for the first time through bebop jams in the mid-90s, Gal Aner aka Juju and Jordan Czamanski aka Jordash started their creative partnership playing and composing for experimental jazz ensembles. The Israeli-dutch duo build their live sets from scratch, without any synth presets or pre-programmed beats – noodling away with arpeggiators, drum machines and a multitude of gears, just like they did with guitars and pianos during their formative days as active jazzheads. The result is a gradual coalescence of textures which lends itself to an immersive and engaging experience


Sindhi Curry

Sindhi Curry (formerly known as Pramod Sippy) has been a mainstay in the Indian music space for over a decade. Having co-founded Bombay Elektrik Project and The Hive, Pramod’s work in these organisations was crucial to promoting and elevating new talent.



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