Watch: Teaser To Harsha Iyer's 2nd Album

7 June 2012

You may remember Harsha Iyer (read our introduction here) from his debut album 'Curious Toys' which caused a rather large stir late last year. Having spoken to Iyer on a number of occasions it comes as no surprise that he didn't tour off the back of the album, rather stayed in the studio working on his follow up release, titled 'When It's Time'.

Last night the Chennai based musician uploaded an album teaser of his follow up release onto Youtube. Carrying the weight of almost double the amount of tracks from last years release, it leaves music lovers across the country holding on with bated breath. The self produced, recorded and engineered 22 track double disc album is set to be released in two parts over the next couple of months, with part 1 expected at the end of June.

Don't get all excited yet. He's not ready to play live, although he's still looking to form a band and tour later this year. We'll let you know when we know more.

For now you can watch the teaser to 'When It's Time' below. To hear his debut LP 'Curious Toys' head over to his Bandcamp here


Image Credit (Thumbnail): Varun Suresh



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