Grooveshark Launches New Platform For Independent Artists

6 June 2012

Most would simply know Grooveshark as an online streaming service that doesn’t require any form of subscription from users. It comes as no surprise then that it's being sued by major labels EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner for an approximate sum of $17 billion...

Their latest venture, Beluga is being aimed at independent artists interested in knowing where their fanbase lies, allowing “anyone in the world to easily view extensive data about an artist and their fanbase, all for free"

“We want to benefit artists and equip the music industry with transparent and actionable data for confidently building artists’ careers and connecting them with fans. By combining extensive market research with listening activity from Grooveshark’s 20 million monthly users all over the world, Beluga produces a comprehensive picture of any artist’s fanbase. One can easily see where an artist’s music is trending as well as fans’ demographics and interests, which can help with routing tours, developing show line ups, choosing merch, finding ideal promotion areas and connecting with fans on an in-depth level.” - Grooveshark

Essentially Beluga allows artists and researchers to glimpse directly into market insights, gauge actual demand and learn about their fanbase.

To request a beta invite you can head over here



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