Listen: Audio Pervert's Brooding Remix Of Sulk Station's 'Downlift'

1 June 2012

Sulk Station have been hitting our headlines a fair bit recently and rightly so. One of the most exciting acts to emerge out of the Indian scene over the last couple of years, they've been making bold statements with their unique take on 'mellowdramatic pop'.

Driven by Tanvi Rao’s sultry vocals wrapped in a haze of atmospherics, minimal beats and home-grown synth sounds, Sulk Station is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch in 2012-2013.

As the collaborations and remixes begin to flood Sulk HQ, our fist exclusive remix of their track 'Downlift' landed in our inbox earlier this week. Produced entirely by Teddy Boy Kill band member Audio Pervert, it's a dark, brooding remix with quite a bit going on underneath the hood. As one would expect the track carries forward Pervert's trademark 'beats and blips' programming style, which is elegant in design but brutal and harsh in practice.

"It's a long dark winding road with a lot of clicks and squeaks" - Audio Pervert, Teddy Boy Kill

Hear it exclusively below (and download via arrow):

Audio Pervert - Soundcloud
Sulk Station - Soundcloud


Image Credit: Sachin Soni


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