FLUX: India's Newest Music, Art & Culture Blog Goes Live

15 May 2012

FLUX is the country's latest attempt in expanding and broadening the musical tastes of music lovers nationwide.

Curated by KRUNK and AlgoRhythm, the event offers to play host to an eclectic mix of everything from chillwave to nu disko, lo-fi, glitch-hop, ghetto funk and everything in between.

"The aim is to give this independent, cutting edge music wings. And then let if fly as far as it will go. Hopefully, across all communities. What better way to do that than electric, monthly FLUX nights in the city?" - FLUX

As part of the promotion for the events and the goal of reaching out to the masses, FLUX recently launched its very own blog, covering "music, art and culture". Currently not very wordy the blog covers mostly music with the promise of becoming a platform to showcase all the non-hegemonic sides of Indian music, art and culture.

"A little something with the staying power to really incite a generation. We understood that a single night may not have the massive reach of the sticky ends of 'the web' so here we've got a platform with which we can really spread this music far. No genre egos here, we curate just about anything that sounds good to our ears, and looks good to our eyes."

FLUX's next event will be held at High Sprits in Pune on May 20. More info on that event can be found here / For now you can follow their pretty blog right here



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