Stream The Brilliant Debut 'Sulk Station' Album In Full

1 March 2012

Arguably one of the country's few untapped talents, Sulk Station is a Bangalore based trip-hop duo formed by Rahul Giri and Tanvi Rao. They define their music as“mellowdramatic pop”, a sound influenced by electronic/downtempo genres and Indian classic music.

Last night the band uploaded their debut LP 'Till You Appear' for a full stream via their Soundcloud.

The most cursory listen to tracks like 'Confession', 'Downlift' and 'Piya II' informs you that they're still doing things that no one else does. With obvious influences ranging from Massive Attack through to Portishead and Radiohead they've gone and created something truly unique. Given the sheer number of people who have tried to make music like their influencers in the last 20 years, that's some achievement.

You can hear the album in its entirety below. A strong contender for best Indian album of the year and we're only in March...


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