Oliver Huntemann Set To Destroy India

26 January 2012

Oliver Huntemann is a German electronic music producer and mastermind who has been pushing the boundaries of clubland for over a decade. A man who over the last 19 years has been on labels such as MFS, Spezial Music, Toscana, Datapunk, Alphabet City, Gigolo and Giant Wheel as well as his very own labels Confused, Dance Electric and Ideal Audio.

This weekend, as part of Technodrome festival Oliver Huntemann will be transporting his acclaimed Paranoia Reactable show to India, utilising the uniquely tactile shifting cubes of the Reactable hardware to bring his music to life, all the while encased in a bespoke cage and lighting rig.

You can watch a video of the Reactable being demonstrated below:

The Reactable is a new electronic musical instrument with a simple and intuitive design, which enables musicians to experiment with sound, change its structure, control its parameters and be creative in a direct, refreshing and unseen way. It uses a tabletop tangible interface, which allows the performers to control the system by manipulating tangible objects with their fingers.

Oliver Huntemann will be playing a three city tour this weekend. Before his show in New Delhi, Huntemann will also be giving 50 lucky fans the opportunity to have a go at the Reactable whilst he demonstartes the synthesiser in person. Details below:

February 03: Canvas, Mumbai

February 04: Reactable Workshop - Sura Vie, New Delhi (6pm onwards). Limited to 50 people - Email nishant@8-bit.in to register / Technodrome Day 2 - Sura Vie, New Delhi (10pm onwards)

February 05: Stone Water Grill, Pune

What to expect live:



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