UnBox Festival: The Ultimate Guide

24 January 2012

UnBox Festival (2-5 Feb) is about to unleash onto the streets of Delhi in various guises and forms. If you're a designer, artist, filmmaker, producer, writer, publisher, performer, dancer, musician, architect, photographer, sound junkie, food lover, cinema goer or just generally curious then you cannot afford to miss this!

There is a lot to take in but make sure you read right to the bottom to get a full sense of the immense range of activities and events that will be available to you during these few days.

To kick things off there'll be a pre-party taking place this week. The festival will officially get under way the following week with a mind blowing opening show from the world famous Light Surgeons, renowned for their spectacular audio visual shows. Keep the following days free in your diary for photography exhibitions, workshops, live performances, food tours, film screenings and of course incredible music. The festival will culminate with a sensational collaborative performance from BLOT!, Sattyananda and live classical Indian musicians and dancers aptly named Antariksha Sanchar.

To attend the UnBox conference and workshops (3-4 Feb and opening performance 2 Feb) make sure you register yourself here and pronto as there are very few places left. (Professionals Rs 10,000 / Young Professionals/students Rs 5,000).

There are also events taking place in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. A full schedule can be found below.

From the Light Surgeons show 'SuperEverything*'

Summary of UnBox & Partner Festivals

UnBox Workshops 3-4 Feb - Register
Want to create an app, learn how to utilise community media, create a visual voice for protesting, transform waste material into desirable objects, learn about visual mapping, take part in a feeding ritual or connect with your inner child then check out the exciting range of workshops available and sign up quickly as places are limited.

UnBox Conference 3-4 Feb - Register
Bringing together leading voices from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines with a focus on interdisciplinary innovations and thought processes from design, business, brands, reform, culture and technology presented in an engaging and multi sensory format.

Technodrome: Electronic Arts Festival 2-5 Feb - Entry varies for each event
An electronic music festival founded by BLOT! and Qilla Records in 2009. Performance highlights come from:

Oliver Huntemann will also be leading a Reactable workshop prior to his Delhi gig on 4 Feb.

BeatRepeat: Literature Festival 3 Feb - FREE ( email beatrepeat@unboxfestival.com with a brief about yourself and why you'd like to attend)
A literature festival where sentences come to life through dance performances, audio-visual electronic music, live drawing and musical interpretation. Workshops will unite independent publishers and book designers to explore the potential of self publishing and literature production. Curated by Quicksand Design Studio.

BlowUp: Photography Festival 5 Feb - FREE
An initiative by the BlindBoys, BlowUp is a photography experience that uses public spaces to exhibit work. The focus is on emerging artists simultaneously creating a platform for dialogue between photographers and viewers. In short, ad hoc galleries will pop up in the streets of Delhi.

EyeMyth: Visual Music Film Festival 4 Feb - FREE (On a first come first serve basis)
A film festival with representations of sound and music taking centre stage. The festival will incorporate live cinema performances, workshops and citywide screenings.

Food Lab: Gastronomy Festival 3 Feb - mail culture@unboxfestival.com to register
Curated by The Grey Garden, this is a composition of installations consisting of food, music, art and cinema, with a focus on sustainability, heritage and local diversity that will guarantee a tingling of all senses.

Day by day break down of events

Saturday 28 Jan
Technodrome pre-party: BLOT! & Nishant
10pm onwards | The Zoo, Garden Of Five Senses

Thursday 2 Feb
The Light Surgeons (UnBox & Technodrome Opening Event)
6.30pm - 9.30pm (Entry closes 7.30pm) | The British Council | Registration required

Six° Exhibition Launch– Showcase of the UnBox Fellowship Programme (BlowUp Event)
4pm - 6pm (3-5 Feb 10am-7pm) | India Habitat Centre

‘Rising’ Exhibition Launch curated by Codesign
6.30pm onwards (3-5 Feb 10am-7pm) | Queens Gallery

Friday 3 Feb
UnBox Conference & Workshops
8am onwards (3-4 Feb) | The British Council | Registration required

6.30pm - 8pm | The British Council | FREE but limited spaces

Food Lab
7pm - 11pm | Max Mueller Bhaven | Registration required

Saturday 4 Feb
6.45pm - 8pm | The British Council | FREE but limited spaces

Antariksha Sanchar (UnBox closing ceremony)
8pm - 11pm | Max Mueller Bhaven (Gates open 8pm) | FREE but limited spaces

Reactable Workshop with Oliver Huntemann
6pm | Sura Vie | Registration required

Oliver Huntemann & BLOT! (Technodrome Day 2)
10pm onwards | Sura Vie

Sunday 5 Feb
10am - 3pm | Hauz Khas Village | FREE

Starting 3pm | Hauz Khas Village | FREE

Lazy Disco with Gaurav Malaker (BLOT!) & Arjun Vagale (Technodrome Day 3)
4pm onwards | Shroom

Open Studios
12pm - 3pm | Hauz Khas Village


Friday 3 Feb
Technodrome Tour: Oliver Huntemann & Nishant
9pm onwards | Canvas

Friday 10 Feb
EyeMyth Film Festival: The Light Surgeons & BLOT!
Time: 7pm onwards | Edward Talkies


Sunday 5 Feb
Technodrome Tour: Oliver Huntemann
9pm onwards | Stone Water Grill


Saturday 11 Feb
EyeMyth Film Festival: The Light Surgeons, New Culture Mashup (BLOT! & Nucleya)
Time: 5pm onwards | CounterCulture

Antariksha Sanchar

The Unbox Conference 3-4 Feb, 9am-4pm British Council, New Delhi

Friday 3 Feb

  • Marie Vogelzang: Eating Designer, Netherlands
  • Dr. Venki Padmanaban: CEO Royal Enfield Motorcycles, India
  • V Sunil: Executive Director Wieden & Kennedy, India
  • Gerry Hopkinson: Unity, UK

Saturday 4 Feb

  • Parmesh Shahani: Godrej Culture Lab, India
  • Hedwig Heinsman & Hans Vermeulen: Dus Architects
  • Amar Behl: Design (Habit)

Detailed schedule here
Further information about the festival speakers can be found here

The UnBox workshops 3-4 Feb, British Council & Max Mueller Bhaven, New Delhi

Friday 3 Feb

  • Guerrilla Gorilla: Exploring the creation of visual voices for protest.
  • Occupy Media: Exploring the power and potential of community media and how to do it yourself.
  • App Slam: Invitation for app novices to create a real app for the UnBox festival using storyboards.
  • To Scale or not to Scale: Organisations are now pressured by funders to deliver social projects that can reach a minimum of a million people. Interactive workshop to creatively explore and discuss this.
  • Design Research for Service Innovation: Design research offers an alternative to traditional marketing or usability research. This workshop explores examples of projects for large international clients with the opportunity to get hands on using a selection of tools and techniques.
  • Experiments in Visual Creation: Presentation and interactive demonstration by Sigma Six about image mapping on different surfaces.
  • UpCycle: Transform waste material into desirable objects.

Saturday 4 Feb

  • Designing Institutions: A workshop that challenges the idea of making buildings.
  • Demystifying Sustainable Habitats: This workshop shall attempt to revive faith and understanding of such concepts that have given shape to habitats over history.
  • LATCH – Five Ways to Organise Information: This workshop will engage participants in an interactive format to explore information design and visualisation.
  • Food Memory: Exploring the relationship between personal memories and associations with food.
  • Let it Go (An introduction to Red-Nose Clowning): A taster to the art of Red Nose Clowning, take the first step towards finding your clown and reconnecting with your inner child.
  • New Forms of Story-telling: The Light Surgeons will share their experiences and give an insight into the processes and tools of their work and recent projects.
  • A Human-centred Approach to Marketing: Learn the basic principles of taking a human-centred approach to marketing focussing on identifying and meeting audience’s socio-cultural needs.
  • MakeSense HoldUp – Street Art Techniques for Sanitation Promotion: Aim of workshop is to develop ideas using innovative public art forms and street art techniques to make sanitation cool and desirable in India.

Further details about workshops here

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