Menwhopause To Perform In Asia's Largest Jail

16 December 2011

Details have recently emerged of Menwhopause performing Johnny Cash-style at Tihar Jail on 21 December 2011, marking a rare occasion allowing a contemporary rock band to perform inside the prison premises.

The gig inside Asia's largest prison has, according to the band, been on the cards for almost three months after they met DG (Tihar) Neeraj Kumar. The last couple of weeks have seen the band delivering workshops inside the prison with inmates:

“The idea is not just to perform our songs and leave but to have a more interactive session with the inmates. When we first visited the prison, we met some inmates who call themselves “The Flying Souls” jamming in their music room. Most of them are either under trials or convicted and have been around for a while. They all seem to be focussing their energy on music. Even though they are not professional musicians, they have actually written a few brilliant songs. What we figured was that instead of simply playing our set list, we should be spending our time getting their songs and musical expressions out.”

Menwhopause will perform on 21 December with the The Flying Souls also contributing to the gig with some of their own songs.


Photo Credit: Thumbnail - Shiv Ahuja


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