Red Bull Bedroom Jam Announces Winners

12 December 2011

Red Bull recently announced the launch of its 2011 edition of Red Bull Bedroom Jam. An initiative which invites bands to upload their homemade videos to be put up for vote from an worldwide audience.

Participating bands had to upload a video of their music on and 8 short-listed bands were picked through a voting system based on the site. These short-listed bands then went on to perform in various cities across India and based on these performances, the winning 3 bands were chosen:

Winning Bands:

Dark Helm (Pune)
A 6-piece deathcore/experimental band whose influences range from Lamb of God to Textures, Winds of Plague, Dimmu Borgir, Tool, Massive Attack and Born of Osiris.

Middle Finger Theory (Delhi)
A 5-piece nu metal band whose sound is full of dominating bass lines and precise drum patterns with added effects from turntables and synths.

Escher's Knot (Chennai)
A 4-piece metal outfit whose influences range from Tool to Textures and Decapitated.

These 3 bands will now get a music video each produced by production house and social media agency, Jack in the Box, alongside the opportunity to perform at a string college festivals across the country.

You can catch them playing at the following spots over the coming months:

10 December - NEEV, Symbiosis, Pune

17 December - FMS, Delhi University

January 2012 - Symbiosis, Pune

January 2012 - IIT Sarang, Chennai

January 2012 - Xavotsav, St. Xavier's, Kolkata

January 2012 - The TILT, Mumbai

February 2012 - Mumbai International Festival, Mumbai



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