Chorush: India's Dedicated Music Travel Agency

7 October 2011

Say hello to Chorush, a music promoting organisation intended at providing travel packages solely for music based events.

Having only recently surfaced they offer customers the chance to customise travel allowing you to enjoy your favourite artist live in any corner of India and the world, while they take care of every aspect of your travel and accommodation.

"We believe that music connotes every emotion in a universally acceptable manner. Every beat speaks a language, larger than words, rushes a feeling, greater than touch. And so evolved Chorush, typically parallels such thinking, evoking the sense of strength and unity, innate to every genre of music"

With strong operational experience in music, travel and business development the promise is of eventually being able to send you anywhere on the planet. Currently however they've focussing on the NH7 Weekender, Metallica concerts and Taal Inc all taking place in India.

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