Ricardo Villalobos Working On Bollywood Soundtrack

Ricardo Villalobos Working On Bollywood Soundtrack

We didn't want to include too much "Bollywood" material, but this one just can't go unnoticed...

Arguably the most influential figure in what is alternately known as micro house, minimal techno or minimal house, Ricardo Villalobos recently revealed to FACT Magazine that he's currently working on a Bollywood soundtrack.

“Max Loderbauer and me are working on this Bollywood soundtrack,” he said. “We try to give some dance scenes a touch of our city. We're Berlin-ising them, remixing them.”

Loderbauer and Villalobos last month released their double album Re:ECM, described by one magazine as "the most beautiful sound next to silence," inspired by the music of Manfred Eicher's ECM label, including works by Alexander Knaifel and Arvo Pärt.

“First of all, we share a big respect for the Indian musical heritage, in general for Indian culture,” Villalobos continues. “Shah Rukh Khan is in it, and so are many other Bollywood greats. I suppose we really liked the idea of co-tailoring a musical costume for that movie.”

We'll try and find out more.




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