Welcome To The Wild City

The essential online guide for contemporary music news and events from India and across the globe.”

Welcome to The Wild City...

A new online music mag presenting an Indian and international audience with a sleek creative hub offering the latest pop and alternative music news, events and exclusive mixes to download, all for free.

Designed with you in mind The Wild City is to open up the floor and offer you information about what's happening both on your doorstep as well as lands far far away.

We hope to become the place where you come to experience artists that you both know and love, but also to discover new music from the deepest darkest corners of India and the world.

Updated with news and features daily, Wild City's editorial team will feature content from established guest writers from the heart of a variety of international music scenes and exclusive mixes have already been confirmed from some of the biggest names in India's new music scene with plenty of international surprises thrown in for good measure.

When we say "mixes" we mean music for you, for free, specially prepared by artists of our choice. All available to download, stream and enjoy off the site.

We also know there's a bunch of you out there who want somewhere to showcase your music. Well look no further... We invite all budding artists/producers/DJs to share your music with us. Simply use the dropbox at the bottom of every page. If we like it, we'll get in touch and feature you on our website. We're all about supporting the development of new music and we encourage you to interact with us.

"Wild City aims to serve as an online portal that can bring the international music scene to India and present the Indian scene to the rest of the world.”

Finally, a massive thank you needs to go out to all the people near and far who have helped make this happen, you know who you are! We dived in at the deep-end and were met with nothing but kindness, generosity, friendship and support. We look forward to sharing and exploring these exciting times with you and we hope that you enjoy the journey as much as we do!

The Wild City Team.


Wild City


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