First Listen: 'Stuff On Our Mind' By Aditi Ramesh

24 August 2017

Rising star Aditi Ramesh has just released her highly-anticipated single, 'Stuff On Our Minds', which features on her upcoming EP 'Autocorrect' - due out for release next week.

A vocalist, songwriter and producer, Aditi Ramesh first caught our attention through nrtya's weekly selections. Signed to the Mumbai-based label, Aditi has gone on to showcase her Herculean voice at a number of live shows where her performances have been lauded. Ramesh herself is inspired by blues, jazz and traditional Carnatic music in she had been trained in her childhood.

Having been given a sneak peek to her work, 'Stuff On Our Minds' is a fantastic example of what Aditi is capable of: soulful ballads with a jazzy, bluesy back-drop.

In a world consumed by electronica, it's rare to come across a track so lyrically powerful while balancing the instrumental and production side of things so that nothing is overshadowed.

"I wrote 'Stuff on our Minds' when thinking about how these days it seems people need to lose their senses in order to have a good time; that it has became a societally mandated norm that one get 'wasted' to celebrate a birthday, deal closing or to end a work week. The specific context that was in mind my was that of my former colleagues at the law firm I used to work at - sometimes they just didn't understand why I wanted to stay home on Friday night and not go out drinking with them." -Aditi Ramesh

Like everything else from the nrtya camp, Aditi Ramesh's voice and music is fresh, distinctive and challenging. She doesn't seem to have a companion in the kind-of music she's making. Via nrtya, 'Autocorrect’ is due out 31 August.

Listen to 'Stuff On Our Minds' below and follow Aditi Ramesh on Facebook for updates. More from nrtya can be heard via SoundCloud here.

Image credit: Shruthi Chandrasekaran


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