Watch: Sandunes’ Resident Advisor Session

11 August 2017

Leading electronic music outlet Resident Advisor recently filmed Sandunes performing an intimate live set in their office space.

The 15-minute video covers three old and new tracks - ‘Ever Bridge’, ‘SSP4/Untitled’ and ‘The Trust’.

Showcasing the various controllers and instruments she uses when she plays live, Sandunes’ discusses each one before delving into her set. Considering she’s been playing the piano since she was a child, her natural ability shines through in the video.

Sandunes is also involved with Different Trains 1947, an upcoming project commermorating the 70th anniversary of India’s indepdence. Led by producer/DJ Actress and done in collaboration with Wild City, Barbican, Metal Records, Boiler Room, it takes place at Liverpool’s Edge Hill Railway Station, the Barbican in London and Magnetic Fields in December. Find out more about it here.

You can watch Sandunes’ RA Session below and hear more of her work here.


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